5 ways to organize your date

Best Dating Tips, F.A.Q., How To / Friday, October 30th, 2020

In the hustle and bustle of daily business we do not spend much time for ourselves, let alone for our partner. Over time, life begins to eat up relationships – and now you’re already fighting over the details. To remember those times when your relationship was just beginning, arrange a romantic evening without work and phones, only you and your half. We offer you five dating ideas to help you remember why you’re good together.

Hot bath

It would seem that everyone knows about such joint pastime, but few people realize it. And in vain, because during the bath together you can talk, laugh and relax in each other’s arms, not thinking about the need to run somewhere. Pay attention to the situation around you: you should remove the socks and dirty towels from the battery. Around the perimeter of the bathroom, place candles and bring a bottle of wine or champagne. Add sea salt and foam to the water with a pleasant fragrance and you’ll see how relaxed you’ll feel.

Dinner on the roof

What could be more romantic than sitting on the roof of a house, looking at the stars and the lights of the city below? Take a few warm plaids, fruit, snacks and champagne and take your partner with his eyes closed to the roof of the house. By the way, if you do not know where to find an open roof or you do not have time to prepare, in almost every city you can find an agency that deals with organizing dates, including such. In addition to dinner, you can arrange a romantic photo shoot – looking at these photos later, you will remember how good you were.

Game Night

Board games – twister, chess, cards – it seems that all this is uninteresting, but believe, if the prize is the execution of any desire of the partner, the game will be very interesting. And also, it is possible to arrange a quest on apartment for your half. On the way you can arrange small surprises, and in the end let the partner wait for the main prize – there will be a lot of emotions.

Boat cruise 

Almost every city has some kind of reservoir, on which yachts and boats ply every now and then. Rent one of them during sunset only for you and your partner. Take on board a plaid and wine and enjoy the views. An even more romantic option is to rent a boat with paddles. Then you can stay in the middle of a river or lake and spend as much time together as you want.

Cooking together

The joint activity is very close. Try to prepare a dish that neither you nor your partner have previously tried. Even if it doesn’t work – no problem! The time spent together was worth it.

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