How to stop comparing yourself to others

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We always compare dishonestly: we compare the worst that we know about ourselves with the best that we think about others. You can’t compare without accurate measurements. But only fools believe that everything good in the world can be counted or measured. Comparisons are time-consuming. Each of us has 86,400 seconds a day. And to […]


The main pros of online dating

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These days it’s practically impossible a modern human being who does not have a mobile phone or computer which are connected to the Internet. With these innovative devices, our daily subsistence gets as not as complicated as it used to be only several dozens of years ago. For example, such gadgets help people when they […]


Reasons to start dating

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Nowadays, some individuals start thinking that dating is meaningless, which is reasonable because a lot of them spend much time on the Internet instead of going out with their friends. However, such a point of view is completely wrong due to the fact that everyone needs somebody special who will be able to support him […]


Things to remember while communicating online

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These days individuals have already forgotten that only several dozens of years ago human beings used to live without any devices allowing them to interact with each other while being in different parts of the world. However, only in the end of the previous century a lot of services specifically for such purposes were developed. […]


How to earn money via live streams

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Could people living in the first part of the previous century even imagine that it would be possible one day to interact with other individuals without any actual letter. In fact, the answer is no. However, today the internet plays one of the most significant roles in the subsistence of modern generation. Human beings use […]


Free dating apps

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For some individuals who are under 25 it’s even impossible to imagine how people used survive without any connection to the internet. The main reason why they cannot understand that is the fact that these days innovative technologies have replaced other ways of spending free time. For example, if a person wants to purchase some […]


Best websites for dating

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Have you ever thought how many hours per day you spend on the internet? Be of the recent researchers have proven that every third person who has a smartphone spend at least three hours daily on watching movies or reading some news online. The main reason why it’s happening these days is the fact that […]


5 Unexpected Ways to use Online Video Chats

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We all know about random online chats where users from different parts of the world can make friends and communicate. The main purpose of online chats is to unite users and provide them an opportunity to communicate with people whom they would never meet in real life if we would not have the Internet. According […]


The most well-known video chats

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Being a modern human being it’s impossible even to imagine how our ancestors used to live without innovative gadgets including mobile phones and personal computers. These days all technologies make people’s subsistence as not as complicated and help them optimize their lifestyle. The main proof here is that the internet can be a helpful platform […]


Which video chat to choose

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These days even those people who have already been retired are used to do lots of activities with the internet daily. However, it’s quite a common thought among psychologists that time which has been saved due to using modern gadgets isn’t used by individuals to those activities which can bring benefits to their dwelling. But […]