Chatroulette Review: See strangers worldwide

Best Dating Tips / Monday, February 15th, 2021

Chatroulette is the most well-known platform for chatting by text messages, video, and audio connections as well. As you can see, the name of this website defines the algorithm of its working process. You are matching with other people randomly. This platform was created to provide people with the possibility of having some fun. This is a virtual company that you can find in one click. Are you tired of lonely evenings or just trying to find a new friend? Use Chatroulette to solve this out. Communicate with random people from different countries to open your mind, to practice your language skills, or just to search for someone as lonely as you. Use the platform to find a soul mate or a new love.

Reputation of the platform

Where does the history of the site start? It starts in the bedroom of Andrey Ternovskiy who was only 17-year-old, back in the day. He fully developed and coded the whole platform, which started to gain popularity with a speed of light without any advertising. Four months later, after the service launched, the daily activity scored 1.5 million unique users. These extremely high numbers were explained by the tendency of sudden matching with a random celebrity who used the chat to communicate with their fans. Chatting, advertising one’s products, and broadening communities became a trend among celebrities, so everyone wanted to be a part of this. Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Jason Statham, and much more — you could find any of them. Also, some people gained popularity using Chatroulette. A lot of interesting things were demonstrated to different strangers by talented users of this platform. For example, even nowadays, you can see an awesome performance of beatbox or piano improvisation.

Some companies also tried this service as a promotion platform. One of the most famous occasions is the great and scary as hell promo of The Last Exorcism in 2010. A beautiful young lady turns into a horrible monster that attacks your screen.

Yet, there is a bad side of such an open platform. A great amount of offensive or inappropriate content was spotted as soon as the service has become so popular. The opportunity of meeting some masturbating scum or an underage pervert made Chatroulette’s life more complicated. To prevent such accidents created a facial recognition system. This system blocks your communication if you don’t meet the terms of use. Moreover, you can now report users’ violations, so the moderators can ban their accounts.

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