First date dress code: 3 simple rules

Best Dating Tips, How To / Monday, August 10th, 2020

How to dress up for the first date so that an invitation to the second date follows as soon as possible is a task that requires a special approach. 

The very concept of “dress code for the first date” may seem ridiculous. After all, it is not a question of hiring a new job, a Nobel Prize ceremony or an official dinner with the royal family. However, according to psychologists, dating every year is more like an interview format, especially for those “a little over thirty”.

The first date, as in the case of employment, may well be the last. At the end of the meeting, they both know exactly whether they want to see each other again or not.  Okay, if the wishes are the same. And then a quite logical question arises: should we let “dust in the eye” potential second half, or not?

1. The best version of yourself

The first and most important rule is to be yourself. It is ridiculous to recommend shaky extravagant nature to play an elegant lady on a first date. But “make the sound a little quieter” certainly wouldn’t hurt. It is important not to cheat on yourself, but it would be nice to show your best version: the advantages of lighting, disadvantages fade. 

For example, you are sure that pants suit you more than dresses: in this case, you should ignore most of the recommendations of stylists and wear them on the first date.

2. Wear tried and tested items

It is worth choosing an outfit that will add to your confidence and peace of mind. The first date is always exciting. And since a true woman will find a lot of things to worry about, then at least the clothes should not cause trouble. On a date, you should listen carefully to your chosen one and enjoy the pleasure of communication, not think about how the new dress fits. You never know how to behave recently bought and not yet tested thing in real life, how convenient will be a new pair of shoes. 

3. Don’t overdo it

Nothing that could be “too much”! Too mini or too floury, too tight or too shapeless, too challenging or too modest. No extremes! This rule also applies to makeup and perfume in its entirety. It’s a well-known fact: men like natural girls. A win-win scenario is nude makeup.  You should not abuse bright, shiny, black shadows and eyeliner, and even more so try “something new” in the first caught makeup artist. The same applies to the hairdresser: the first date – not a platform for experimentation.

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