Gestures that Denote that your Interlocutor on an Online Video Chat Lies to you

Best Dating Tips, How To / Monday, December 16th, 2019

Usually, people visit random chats for pleasant communication and dating. Online platforms are excellent tools for finding a pleasant interlocutor and spending an evening after work chatting with a random user. Sometimes, it happens that two random users become friends, soul mates, or even a couple. Their dating turns into stronger relationships. But sometimes, it happens that an interlocutor may lie to you. How to reveal lies and understand when your interlocutor on a cam chat is not honest with you? There are a number of certain verbal and no-verbal behavioral traits that denote lying.

  1. A liar is constrained in his movements and gestures. He/she usually feel nervous as well as forgets to move and use non-verbal language to express feelings. While a user who tells the truth is not afraid of demonstrating his/her emotions by using body language.
  2. Even if your interlocutor acts normally and moves without constraint, watch for his/her gestures. It happens that his/her words do not coincide with movements. The most vivid and popular example is when a deceiver says “no” and, at the same time, nods.
  3. A cheater frequently touches his/her face, especially lips. In the language of non-verbal communication, it means that a person is ashamed of lying and tries to cover his/her shame.
  4. While a conversation, cheaters feel nervous so they can forget to blink.

What concerns verbal features, they are as the following:

  1. The use of parasite words.
  2. Your interlocutor on a cam chat assures you that information is verified.
  3. Make too many excuses. A person subconsciously feels ashamed of lies and frequently says excuses.
  4. A user answers your question by posing another question.
  5. A deceiver frequently asks again in response.
  6. The pace of his/her speech suddenly changes from slow to quick and vice versa.

How can you reveal lies?

If a cheater tells a story on an online random chat, and you want to check whether he/she is honest with you, there are two common techniques.

  1. Wait until an interlocutor tells a story till the end. Ask clarifying questions and then, ask him/her to tell the same story in reverse order. If a story was a lie, then it will be difficult for a cheater to recall all the details.
  2. When a potential cheater tells a story, jump to another topic and ask a distant question. Then once again return to the previous topic and say your interlocutor on a random chat to continue a story. Moreover, ask clarifying questions.

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