How to Attract Girls in Video Chats?

F.A.Q. / Friday, July 20th, 2018

If you find it difficult to impress a girl during your first online date, welcome to the club. When it seems there is no turning back and your conversation goes numb, you may get disappointed in any kind of communication with girls. Please, do not. As there are few things one should definitely become aware of before going to video chats and trying to pick up a girl. And these we will discuss in the article below, so keep your chin up!

First of all, let us discuss the differences between online and offline communication with a prospective date. There is no place for physical attraction or any kind of its manifest and therefore, one should first become close to a person as to an individual. Maybe, later this relationship will transform into a more sophisticated one but now it is important you get really personal.

Girls, Girls, Girls and Video Chats

In video chats just as in any other online communication tool, the following rule works: the more you focus the conversation on the girl, the better. Apparently talking about ourselves activates the same pleasure centers of the brain that are associated with food and money. Therefore, the more she talks about herself, the more connected she will feel to you and this is exactly the effect we are aiming at.

Other worthy topics to talk to a girl about for that Cupid’s arrow to go straight through her heart:

    • Common interests: try to find out what she is passionate about. Do not think that if your ex loved series and pop music, this girls would have the same interests. Try to avoid biases and really get to know your prospective date. This will definitely attract her;
    • Experiences: perhaps you have both gone scuba diving, or traveled to Vietnam. We have all had memorable experiences – good and bad, uplifting and scary. Experiences are tied to emotions – we tend to be feeling “stuff” when we go through them and this may become your thing in future;
    • Dreams and life aspirations: given the opportunity, most people would love to talk about their dreams and aspirations. Remember, emotions are important for first time communications and are likely to induce tighter connections;
    • Motivations: try to figure out exactly why she wants the things she wants. When you do this from a place of curiosity, it shows that you are interested and not afraid to dive a little deeper.

All in all, in video chats there is only one instrument for you to impress a girl and this is your communication skills. If you know how to talk to a person across the screen you feel attracted to, you will definitely not stay single for long. Otherwise, you may use our hints above to ensure you know what to talk about and how to bring up interest of your partner in you.

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