How to Look Good on Video Chats According to Bloggers

How To / Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

There is probably no other profession where people can master their appearance on camera by themselves than video bloggers. These guys from all over the world have found their personal and effective life hacks to look good on videos in any time of the day or year. For those using video chats in their daily life for either business or private purposes we have found out what are the tips and tricks for looking prettier on a video.

Bloggers’ Advice for Looking Good on Camera

People always want to look best on video. After all, it is the appearance we all assess in the first place. Especially, when it comes to business meetings or Skype interviews, one’s appearance, as well as setting, may be of crucial importance for the busy and serious people across the screen. And these guys are not to joke around with.

Here is what bloggers do on a daily basis to look good and neat on their videos:

  • clothes: when choosing look, they are aware that a suit and tie will send a different message than a ripped t-shirt. Also, when you are comfortable, you look comfortable. There is no use in going over the top with your outfit if it means you cannot breathe properly;
  • make-up: when preparing to be a subject in a video, do whatever you would normally do on an average day. Getting in front of a camera is already pretty intimidating for a non-actor, and putting on special makeup for a video can add another layer of unfamiliarity;
  • camera placement: make sure another person can see your face properly, including your forehead and chin. Keep a stool or step in your studio, so raising a camera for a tall subject does not mean standing on your tiptoes for the entirety of the call;
  • lighting: bloggers tend to have professional equipment to make their videos, however, without proper lighting this equipment would be useless. Make sure your lights are placed just in front of the camera and slightly above the eyeline for the better image;
  • background: colour of the background as well as the objects located there do matter. Try to arrange these so that one can properly see you and not get distracted by what is happening in the back.

Given the fact that bloggers are professionals in their blogging activity, it is definitely a trustworthy source of advice and assistance as to chatting. Therefore, if you want to look as good as your favorite bloggers but in a more casual setting or situation, make sure to to follow our hints above.

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