How to stop comparing yourself to others

Best Dating Tips / Sunday, July 12th, 2020

We always compare dishonestly: we compare the worst that we know about ourselves with the best that we think about others.

You can’t compare without accurate measurements. But only fools believe that everything good in the world can be counted or measured.

Comparisons are time-consuming. Each of us has 86,400 seconds a day. And to spend one of them comparing ourselves with others is one second more than we need.

Each is unique, so any comparison is unfair. Your gifts, talents, successes and achievements are fully in line with what you came to this world for – and unique. Therefore, they cannot be compared to what others do.

By comparing, you won’t win anything, but you will lose a lot. 

How do you get rid of the habit of comparing yourself with others? We offer to use four basic strategies:

1. Appreciate your success

Whatever you are in your heart or profession, you have a unique perspective, backed up by unique abilities, and everything you need to achieve happiness in your corner of the world. Establish yourself in this opportunity and recognize your accomplishments to see in them the motivation for further victories. As well as jokingly, print the “100 of My Achievements” list and hang it on the wall to read every day and supplement as needed.

2. Adopt the experience 

What do you admire in others’ lives and what have they achieved? Turn envy into the ability to define your own values and goals. Instead of asking the sad question, “Why not me?”, examine the steps others have taken for success and think about what you would have done differently. Remind yourself more often that no one is perfect. Achieving a goal is always accompanied by obstacles, and everyone faces challenges that must be overcome. 

3. Don’t believe your eyes

Just to be clear, it’s about the social network. Indulge yourself with visual sobriety before opening a Facebook or Instagram. In a joint study by Flinders University and the University of Toronto, they determined that by looking at perfect pictures with the understanding that they don’t reflect reality, but earn likes and views, you avoid negative influences and improve your mood.

4. Say “thank you”

By expressing gratitude for what you have, you learn to recognize all the good that is happening right now, not somewhere in your dreams. Achievements of others can not deprive you of the abilities and benefits that you deserve. The practice of gratitude helps you see the big picture and gets rid of jealous thoughts.

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