How to understand your partner?

Best Dating Tips, F.A.Q., How To / Monday, October 12th, 2020

We all know that men and women are completely different and often incomprehensible to each other. More than one work of renowned psychologists is devoted to the differences of the sexes, but none of the parties can yet come to a full understanding. Today we decided to analyze interesting facts about men, which are designed to help you look at your partner from a different angle.

Your reaction is important for a man.

Sometimes it happens that we kill ourselves in a man’s desire to praise and admire us openly. Remember, was there such a thing that your beloved said, ‘You are so beautiful!’ and you said, ‘Come on, you’re talking nonsense. It’s important to understand that it’s very important for a man to react to his partner’s actions – if you don’t find it important to appreciate the praise in your address, why should your man be interested? After several such unsuccessful compliments, he may simply lose interest in making you happy in this way. Of course, not every woman is able to enjoy gifts and pleasant words, but in no case you should devalue everything said by a man.

A man loves women who are not afraid to talk about any topic.

Talking is a terrible quality, but the ability to support and what is important – to start a conversation – a man will surely appreciate. As a rule, at first, the man and his companion only look at each other, so each side should work to ensure that the partner has no questions to her. It is generally difficult for men to maintain too long conversations, so when a woman takes on the role of a “wingman,” they sigh easily: they no longer feel uncomfortable in the company of a sociable woman.

A man does not always know what kind of woman he needs.

Usually, if a man is questioned about the preferences of women, strong sex is limited only by external signs, and those can change dramatically over time – rarely when a man for the rest of his life prefers, say, blondes. It’s all about a particular woman: she may not coincide at all with a woman from his fantasies, but he will experience an incredible attraction. If you want to find out the preferences of a potential partner, do not ask, it’s better to watch him.

Testosterone does not make a man noticeably more aggressive. Yes, in the animal world males with low levels of testosterone most often go out losers in fights for females and prey, in the human world is a slightly different situation. A “human” male needs high levels of testosterone if he has problems with libido.

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