JustSayHi review: dating and making friends online

Best Dating Tips / Sunday, November 29th, 2020

JustSayHi is the newest, free and best video dating application, it is an effective way to meet people in your city. Use this great app to make new friends and chat with them, to meet lonely people and make dates, to date, flirt, fall in love or make a relationship. 

JustSayHi is a unique application because it allows you to meet people by watching their videos directly. Making friendships, meeting new people and socializing have never been so interesting! Watch the video clips made by people who live near you, and do not hesitate when someone seems interesting to you: just say hello! After that you won’t feel alone anymore! You’ll improve your mood by talking, flirting, and even meeting new friends. This free entertainment application also includes an online chat feature, where everyone can freely communicate and get to know each other.

Unique features of the app

This application is an excellent choice for everyone who is ready to date online. After joining this platform, members can access these features:

  • Watch videos of people who live nearby or around the world.
  • Click on the “heart” button in the bottom right corner, when you like someone.
  • If a selected person likes you, they will respond the same way and you can communicate directly. 
  • You can also meet people in a group chat.
  • Click on a person’s photo to see their profile or not to receive their message. 

Look through photos, short clips, and videos of girls and boys around the world until you find someone interesting. When that happens, lynch their post and say “hello”! You can also communicate and flirt with strangers in chat rooms. They say that one photo is worth a thousand words, and video is worth at least a thousand photos! We created this social video application in order to give you more opportunities to express yourself through video and to make it easier for you to meet new people. 

Do not forget: unlike other dating applications, JustSayHi is absolutely free. Make new friends nearby or around the world by using online chats or a personal mailbox. You’ll love meeting people and sharing videos! No matter if you’re looking for a handsome guy or girl of your dreams, or if you just want to socialize, this is a great place to find an attractive person of the opposite gender. This application is available for all OS, and users can join this platform via Android and iOS devices.

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