Natural Beauty VS Make-Up Image. What Will You Choose For The First Date In Video Chat?

Best Dating Tips / Saturday, March 2nd, 2019
Dating in video chats is one of the leading purposes of online communication. Users choose cam chats to find soulmates, meet new friends and acquaintances, or create a family in the future. Thus, a question arises: how to look in front of the monitor? Being aware of such prospects, users’ opinion divided into two groups:


  1. The first one considers that online dating is equal to ordinary dates in a real life. Thus, it is necessary to look gorgeous and be ready to meet a beloved.
  2. The second group states that nowadays natural beauty is more important, and a real soulmate looks deeper in your soul, and the appearance does not play a crucial role for such people.
The truth is that every person is looking for different types of partners. And it is necessary to be yourself and look the way you used to.


If you’ve already communicated with a person and decided to continue communication, it means that there is a certain level of sympathy between interlocutors. It is most likely that girls will dress up for the following online date and make a little make-up. While guys tend to not care a lot about their appearance before dating in video chats. Thus, do not expect to see something special. Your male interlocutor will look like an ordinary guy. Maybe, here’s the answer why boys, in their turn, more and more appreciate natural beauty.


Nowadays, fashion has changed and faces with make-up do not look stunning. Natural, slightly underlined beauty of women’ faces looks much more attractive. That is why it is advisable not to use too much decorative cosmetics.


What Type Of Person Are You?

Communicating with random users and being connected with a great number of people, one can notice that there are the following groups of interlocutors (the findings are based on the appearance):


  • Users who do not try to show off. Such people want to communicate and spend time enjoying a pleasant conversation with an intelligent interlocutor.
  • Mannered people who want to demonstrate their superiority and be in the spotlight.
  • Freaks who use non-standard outfits and create shocking images. Often, such users try to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.
While dating in cam chat, users see a great number of various people. And everyone chooses for him/herself with whom he/she wants to start the conversation. Fortunately, such services provide the opportunity to immediately disconnect if you are not satisfied with the interlocutor.

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