Video Chats in Medicine: Does it really Help?

F.A.Q., How To / Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Although there are skeptics, modern technologies provide a lot of assistance. The Web is used not only for pleasure and joy but also for education, care, assistance. Thus, it has also found its application in medicine.

For example, video chats are widely used by surgeons. Today, it is not necessary to be in one hospital ward with a patient. Modern specialists manage to operate while being at a distance. Dozens of surgeries have been successfully made with remote surgeons.

Due to the Internet, it is easier to cope with non-transportable patients. Imagine that a person needs a surgery. But a doctor, who can operate, lives thousands of kilometers from this person. It is impossible to move a person, and time is money. There is no time to wait till the doctor manages to come. What do doctors do? They call this surgeon, describe the situation, and schedule the surgery.

When everything is ready, they connect the surgeon via a video chat. Thus, the surgeon sees the hospital ward, a nurse should direct the camera to the patient. A group of doctors and local surgeons carry out commands of a remote surgeon. That is how surgeries take place. And they are very successful. There is not a case when the surgery wasn’t carried out properly.

Moreover, several years ago, a specialized online platform for video assistance was developed. ONDOC introduced a video chat where doctors provide assistance, make consultations, and accompany surgeries.

The system is aimed at simplifying the process of getting medical assistance. It was developed in 2015. Nowadays, 90 000 people use this service. There is even an app for smartphones. A free website and mobile application allow you to analyze data from Apple Health, remotely communicate with clinics and doctors, save or automatically receive your electronic medical record from medical institutions, and make an appointment. ONDOC became the best medical service at the GoldenSite contest in 2015, entered the top three finalists of the All-Russian Startup of the Year 2016 award and took third place in the GoldenApp contest in 2016.

Thus, it proves one more time that it is possible to use modern technologies not only for fun but also for benefit. Everyone decides to him-/herself why he/she uses particular services. That is why it is stupid to say that video chats are useless or impede our development. Along with joy, online cam chats brought a lot of benefits to people.

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