Ways to motivate lazy students

How To / Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Recently some of the psychologists have conducted a research which has demonstrated that at least every second child who is about 7 years old is eager to become working as a teacher when he grows up. Most of the kids believe that this is a simple job which is also quite helpful due to the fact that an educator helps students find out a lot about the world which surrounds them. However, when these children become adults and graduate from university, they understand that being a teacher is not so easy as they used to think while being students. And the main problem here is those children who are quite talented but don’t want to study because they are too lazy. The only solution in this case is to try to find a motivation for such students.

Make your lessons interesting

Even the most boring topic can make your students listen to your speech carefully if you put more effort. For example, you can arrange a game where every child will have his own role. As a result, every student will be involved in the theme, and it will be quite complicated to try to avoid learning the topic. Moreover, you can put some funny jokes into your narrative.

Moreover, if you a literature teacher, you can offer students to arrange a customized party. For example, if you study some of Shakespeare books, you can wear some middle times clothes.

Understand your students’ interests

One more thing which is also profitable for those teachers who are eager to make their students to become involved in their lessons is to understand which interests they have. In this case you can ask every child to fill an identification card in the beginning of the year.

So, your will be able to put some of their personal preferences into lessons in order to make them more motivated.

Encourage students

It’s also great to encourage students for their achievements if you want to become more motivated and interested in your lessons. These can be simple words of adoration or you can even offer one of the students that there is a great program for him at college. However, you should always remember that you should never concentrate only on one of the students. Otherwise, other kids will start feeling that you pay attention only to one particular person. It can be terrible not only for you as a teacher but also for that kid. If you want to avoid such a problem, you should talk to each of your students, especially if you realize that they aren’t engaged in your lessons.

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